Websites To Explore

The following are some websites that you will find useful in getting to know about Cayman and for planning your various outings.

This one is the official Cayman Tourism website www.caymanislands.ky

This website also has a free magazine you can find just about everywhere www.explorecayman.com

These guys stock the condo for you before you visit www.caymanshoppers.com

This is the planned town in Cayman where the cinema is located – www.camanabay.com

Car hire options – www.aviscayman.com - www.andys.ky - www.foxrentacar.com/en/locations/ky/grand-cayman-airport.html - they are all located at the airport.

The company that offers water activities next door to the Retreat – www.redsailcayman.com

Well recommended dive company in East End – 20 mins from condo – www.oceanfrontiers.com

Online restaurant guide – also available in a free magazine – www.caymangoodtaste.com – check out the menu in any restaurant before you visit. You have lots of choice in Cayman.

The supermarkets in Cayman do a weekly special bulletin available at the store – you can also check it out online – here are the top 3 supermarket sites in Cayman: www.kirkmarket.ky www.hurleys.ky www.fosters-iga.com

Alcohol is not sold in supermarkets in Cayman. You need to visit the liquor stores for that – here are the best stores: www.jacquesscottonine.com www.blackbeards.ky www.tortugawineandspirits.com

Check out their discount programmes on the website before visiting. Be sure to bring some duty free with you – you are allowed l litre bottle of spirts for each adult.

Also buy some on the way out as we have one of the cheapest duty free stores in the world (not something you would expect to see in Cayman which is an expensive jurisdiction).

On this website you can check out how many cruise ships there will be in Cayman on any given day together with the number of passengers. This can dramatically effect the quality of your visit to any of the more popular tourist sites especially Stingray City and the Turtle Farm. Try to visit those locations on the days when there are either no ships or only 1 or 2 - www.caymanport.com/ship-schedules-calendar/

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