About Us

We are the Mullen family, Val, Dave and children Kalem and Shane. Although Irish, we have lived in Grand Cayman for 19 years and now have dual citizenship. We came to Cayman on a 3 year work contract and never went home again. Both our children (aged 18 and 13) were born here and we now all call Cayman home.

Why Rum Point, Cayman Islands:

After a 10 year search for the perfect beach location (we live in George Town for ease of work and the boys' schooling), we decided that there is just nowhere nicer than the Retreat. It is the perfect property in the perfect location. It's a quiet getaway but still has all the facilities you need to enjoy Island life - picture perfect beaches, delicious restaurants, sporting facilities and of course the amazing ocean.

The Unique Benefits at this Apartment:

The colours of the sea are just amazing. The year round sunsets was a major draw for us. The water is calm and shallow. The area in front of the Retreat is a marine park and is home to a lot of friendly fish.

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